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Our pottery garden
Seagrove, North Carolina

3306 US Hwy 220 Alt

  Many of our customers ask us about what we do behind our shop. We'd like to share with you some of our activities as we prepare our pots for you. We hope you enjoy!
  This is Bruce's throwing space in our studio behind our shop.
  Our second studio in Star is about 5 miles from Bulldog Pottery
  Bruce throwing a bowl.  
    Samantha applying slip to jars prior to firing  
  Samantha throwing a lid for one of her covered jars.  
    Samantha carefully measures the dimensions of the lids so that they fit the jar exactly.  
  Our glazing room. OK, it looks chaotic, but you only have to look at it, we have to work here!
  This is how we achieve so many unusual glazes -- we start with many different ones.
  Our pots are finished glazing and are loaded into our electric kiln for firing.
  A day later, here they are! It's equally amazing to us how the left hand picture transforms into this one.
    We are always excited when we unload the kiln to see and feel our results.  
  In early April, we began to throw pots for firing in our gas reduction kiln. Bruce is throwing a jar wth agate clay.  
  Bruce is trimming the base of the jar.  
  Samantha is pulling a handle on a mug she is preparing for the reduction kiln firing.  
  She spends considerable time getting the shape of the handle just right.  
  Our pots have been thrown, bisqued, glazed and now are loaded into our gas kiln.  
  Bruce is closing the door of the kiln with bricks. It will take a couple of days to fire and cool. And then he has to take the brick wall down again!  
  This is how the pots looked in the reduction kiln before firing.  
  This is how the pots appear after fiing.  
  Samantha unloading the kiln  

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